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An information resource intended to help you know more about the topics canvassed in the blog, for example, Digital Marketing, Health Benefits, Lifestyle, Entertainment and Relationship tips. 

Digital Marketing:

In Cool5rose.com you get can updates on Digital Marketing,SEO, Social Media Marketing,Email Marketing.We also provide you an insight, on how to register for Adsense and Affiliate Marketing.


Get the latest Bollywood and Hollywood movie reviews with detailed analysis on Hindi and English movies.You will get to know celebrity gossips, the latest Entertainment news, plus the hottest celebrity Fashion Beauty trends happening in Hollywood and Bollywood industry.

Fitness & Health:

In this Category, we have covered diverse Health & Fitness related posts such as Nutrition and Diet, Fitness, Weight control, societal trends affecting health. Our goal is to provide you something in health/fitness that doesn't quite exist; A progressive approach to achieving your health goals.


Cool5rose.com gives you information on all varieties of Easy & Healthy dinner ideas, Food Recipes, Dinner Recipes, World Recipes, Breakfast Recipes, Cooking Recipes, Veg Recipes, Non-Veg Recipes, Weight loss recipes to know more about our Recipes


In this category, we cover  many things for both Men & Women such as specific items of Clothing, Footwear, Accessories, Make-up, Beauty tips.
We will touch on trends in various Apparel markets, Celebrity Fashion choices and Street Fashion trends. We will also cover fashion at all levels from the largest fashion design houses to the smallest independent designers.

Relationship tips:

This category is for both Men & Women, it also help married couples to create Success Stories in their relationships. My aim is to help you, clear away obstacles that have been holding you back from love.

I also coach couples, to create more intimacy and communication, and put the spark back in their marriage or long-term relationship.

Parenting advice:

A place to create child parenting abilities, that help guardians to teach kids from little children to high schoolers and in addition to urge kids and young people to feel constructive about themselves and to end up distinctly the champs they were intended to be.

Our goal is to teach kids to develop Self-Discipline.

Effective use of our techniques will observe that parents have stopped shouting, hitting their kids. Positive relationship is establised between parents & kids.

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