Business Casual Attire for Men!!!

History of Business Casual!!!.

Until recent times, the Business Casual attire did not exist. There was simply daywear and evening wear. During the day, men would wear a stroller coat or a morning coat for business. In the evening they would change into a tailcoat for dinner and events. Once retiring for bed, pyjamas would be donned as would a dressing gown, but the chance of anyone seeing them wear this besides their spouse and perhaps a valet or butler was slim to none.

The most casual attire a gentleman might wear would have perhaps been a tweed suit while shooting or for a walk in the park.Around the turn of the century, black tie made its mark and the tuxedo overtook the white tie dress code in popularity. Business suits became standard and they stayed that way for quite awhile.

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How Business Casual is defined today for men?

Business Casual In A Nutshell = No Suit But Also No Jeans

Obviously, that is just a general guideline but in order to nail the business casual look, you have to adapt to your specific company culture. Also, your age is important and the older you are, the more formal your business casual outfit should be.

Business Casual in the Service Industry!!!!

If you work in the service industry, in sales, trade positions or a job where you interact with the public, you should meet the below business casual standards.

A. Jackets:

It’s likely that wearing a jacket is optional. So if you don’t want to go with just a dress shirt and a blazer would be too much, consider wearing a vest or a cardigan instead.


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B. Shirts
The button-down collar shirt is another classic shirt that is acceptable for business casual wear. Alternatively, a long-sleeved polo shirt is acceptable too, if others wear it in the office as well. You don’t want to be the only one wearing polos though.

In this scenario, business casual does not mean wearing t-shirts, casual sweaters without a collared shirt underneath, hoodies, pullovers or any other style of shirt.

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C. Neckwear

Neckties and bow ties are completely optional, yet they look great with vests, jackets and cardigans.

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D. Pants
While dress pants are ok, chinos, khakis and corduroys are your number one choice. Dark colors such as navy and grey stain less easily although lighter colors are preferable for the warmer months of the year. Don’t wear denim as that might be considered too informal.

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Pants such as denim jeans, athletic wear, sweatpants, draw-string pants, shorts and cargo pants should not be worn, nor should any pant with a camouflage print or large visible logo.

H. Bags

Sometimes you see grown men wearing backpacks with their business casual outfits. That’s a faux pas and it makes you look like a little school boy. Instead, go with a leather bag in brown or black that works for you. Whether it’s classic, functional or sleek, clean and modern you can find hundreds of leather bags in various price ranges.

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