How to improve your Relationship Habits!!!!!

Your relationship habits set the tone for your daily interactions. Do you smile or growl at your partner in the morning? If you find that your relationship is not feeling the way you hoped it would, you may want to rethink your relationship habits. All relationships become somewhat routine. The question is: Will the rut that you have fallen into keep you connected or will it gradually pull you apart?

Consciously choosing healthy relationship habits means that those habit will help carry you though times of stress. Habits can offer you comfort and a sense of control when you are feeling frazzled.


Improve your relationship habits

Think loving thoughts about each other. I cannot emphasize this one enough. The thoughts you think about each other will have a huge impact on the course of your relationship.

Express gratitude daily. Feeling gratitude warms you heart; expressing gratitude will help warm your partner’s heart.

Touch daily: cuddle, snuggle, and touch non-sexually. Touch is an important part of the bonding process. 
Work together as a team. Seeing yourselves as team will mean less finger pointing and more cooperation as you meet life’s challenges.

Spend quality and quantity time. Both are important and allow you to consistently reconnect with each other. Create the mindful habit of spending time together actually noticing each other. Make sure that for at least a few minutes each day you see each other and are fully present with each other.

Give gifts of love; know each other. Gifts of love may be gifts or treasures, loving words, generous actions, quality time or kind deeds. Choose to love your partner in a way that feels loving to your partner.
Say nice things about your partner. How you talk about your partner to others will impact your relationship. Choose to focus on the positive.

Protect screen free time each day. Create an uninterrupted space of time for the two of you to connect each day.

Be active together. Go for a walk, play a sport, putter in the garden or go for a bike ride. Increasing your physical health together may help you feel closer, increase your energy and possibly improve your intimacy.

Always be respectful. No matter how you may be feeling in a moment, it is helpful to remember, that you love each other and treat each other accordingly.

Be generous and find opportunities to help each other. It is the little things that are actually the big things in relationships. Consistent little choices to be generous will protect your relationship from the inside out.

Practice acceptance. So much stress in your relationships may simply melt away if you were willing to accept each other as you are.

You will live most of your life by habit. When you mindfully shape your relationship habits, you can make your habits work for you rather than against you.


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