Tips to reduce Bloating /Farting

Tips to reduce Bloating /Farting!!!!

Getting Rid of Bloating: In order to cure bloating which is caused by flatulence, an easy and elementary solution is to eat your food slowly and to chew properly. In serious case, seeking adequate medical help is important.

When a person finds that he or she seems to be suffering from bloating very often, it is a good idea to maintain a food diary. This will help find whether there are certain trigger foods which cause bloating. The pattern can be discussed with doctor and concrete steps can be taken towards a complete solution.


tips to reduce bloating

Simple lifestyle changes beyond the diet can also make a difference. These include correction of sleeping and eating habits of a person. You are also required to be very regular with this.

Bloating always has some signs which are associated with its causes so it makes good sense to be aware of the same as the saying goes, 'a stitch in time saves nine'!

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Farting or Flatulence is a big problem for everyone, the one who farts and the ones who stay close to him or her at the time of farting. Every one of us has faced this situation in our lives when we had farted and created an embarrassing situation for everyone around. Excessive farting can be a big problem for anyone of us, affecting our working lives, social time and even personal relationships. 


A few ways to reduce Flatulence/Farting.

  • Take a probiotic to counteract any loss of the good bacteria we have in our stomachs 
  • Cut down on food offenders which may cause gas such as dairy products, apples, pears, wholegrain foods, soft drinks and fruit drinks.
  • If you are lactose intolerant cut out dairy foods from your diet
  • Experiment as not all of the aforementioned foods cause it for you.
  • Limit high fat foods as this takes longer to digest and causes more gas in your stomach
  • Experiment with all different types of food. Cut one food out for 48 hours and note the effect and keep on doing this until you find offending
  • foods which may cause flatulence.
  • If it becomes a real problem see your doctor who can get some
  • tests done for various problems you may have.


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